The Educational Counseling Office is one of the services rendered to the community by Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano (ICDA). We provide the following services: Information and Counseling for those interested in studying abroad, computerized test to enter the United States’ higher education system, scholarship programs for the community, exchange programs, and summer programs.

EducationUSA is a network of hundreds of advising centers in 170 countries, where millions of international students each year find accurate, comprehensive, impartial, and current information about how to apply to accredited U.S. colleges and universities. EducationUSA centers actively promote U.S. higher education around the world by offering accurate, comprehensive, and current information about educational institutions in the United States and guidance to qualified individuals on how best to access those opportunities.



To be a model in the Dominican Republic in offering and projecting excellence in giving information and in counseling students and the public in general.


  • To offer advice, information and counseling to those who wish to study in the United States in an atmosphere of efficiency. Also to keep in touch with counseling centers all around the world in order to strengthen the network of exchange of information.
  • To promote friendship among the Dominican people, the American people, and people from all around the world.

cropped-EdUSA_Horiz_logo_                                                                             ICDA Logo


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